Adventurous Spirit

Wrap Dress Smoky

75,00 €

Get wrapped up this season and make heads turn in this wrap dress. Figure enhancing &amp; curve loving , these beauts will keep you looking spectacular! The grey uneven effects, due to the stone washed process makes it very unique in texture, effects, and fabric's flow. Done in a soft 100% rayon fabric with a very feminine and sexy look due to deep side slit and nice front cut. The exclusive fabric's vintage look gives it a very elegant and sophisticated feel for any occasion. Due to&nbsp; it's versatile design and our exclusive ethnic print,&nbsp; you can wear it with cool sneaker for sporty &amp; casual look, or wedges and boots for a more elegant occasion. <br>This dress is a wrapper's delight
Manufacturer Stories of Indigo
Category Stories of Indigo

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