Adventurous Spirit

Vintage Coat

95,00 €

Summer coats are an absolute necessity. Thankfully this season’s trend-led styles are super smart! Even the most casual options have been cut with a purpose. Sleek, chic and ready to throw-on-and-go. Our Coat of vintage inspiration has a trans-seasonal layering characteristic, that makes it a must to wear for a casual and sporty look, or for a more elegant look depending on the occasion. Summer coats add sophistication to any outfit, especially this one embellished with our exclusive vintage ethnic traditional , and handmade Indian wood block print. Wear it with shorts, or skinny jeans, leggings , or low waist soft flare pants ( as our model in the photo and also of our collection), and or have fun layering it with your favorite clothes and be ..oh so stylish!<br><br>Black color and vintage gold print. Sizes s, m and L

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