Adventurous Spirit

About us

Wardrobe Of Dreams is a bohemian fashion brand, inspired by far-off places, vintage treasures, and by 2 magical Islands, Ibiza & Bail. Having grown up between Ibiza and Milan, lived in Bali, New York, London, Paris and Los Angeles, plus traveled to many an exotic destination, it’s no surprise that Giada’s collections hold a and eclectic , bohemian, and global appeal, that reflects her nature. The label has expanded into fashion, & accessories, so women with that inner-bohemian spirit can express their inner essence through her collections. Giada's creations have been carefully and ethically handmade, following her love for high quality, natural fabrics, embroideries, creative embellishment, & handmade crafts. Her design philosophy is to create unique , elegant, and stylish collections that endure time, and nourish your spirit with every piece. When she finish her productions she goes back to Ibiza, her favorite place in the world. At her Boutique and stand at Las Dalias Market in Ibiza, she shares with the world, the lovingly created results of her travels and creations. Fashionistas dream of that mythical walk in wardrobe, where colors are miraculously coordinated, and a full-length mirror reflects the perfect look for all occasions. Exquisite tactile fabrics hang seductively from the rails, a divine array of patterns, shades, styles and textures. Wardrobe of Dreams collections are especially designed for free spirited bohemian, adventurous women, that are creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being! Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good!

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